7 Aprile 2021 Blog 0 Comment

Cicero Third Train the Trainers’ Workshop

The 3rd workshop, organised jointly by the University of Turin and Zanasi&Partners, dealt with a quite specific topic such as the “single issue extremism” with a particular attention to the extremism of ecological or animalist matrix and the peculiar phenomenon of eco-fascism. Although this type of radicalisation is somewhat in the background compared to others, probably also due to the relative small number of activists, thanks to the webinar it was possible to understand which are the most influential groups, their historical process and the psychological component that characterises them.

A small but fruitful debate was created on the profile of the various groups present in Europe and the psychological mechanisms that lead to violent radicalisation.The workshop was attended by practitioners, analysts and researchers from think tanks and consultancy agencies, university academics and researchers, members of religious organisations and public administration officials.