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11th May 2021

The follow-up was the last Train the Trainers’ workshop as part of the CICERO campaign, which aim is to develop and implement a counternarrative communication campaign and prevent radicalisation leading to violent extremism. Participants to this sixth workshop were coming from various fields such as Law Enforcement (Police), Academia, Research, NGOs, governments. It took into account all main findings and lessons learnt in the previous five Train the Trainers’ workshops, which focused on Islamist extremism, right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism, single-issue extremism and building resilience to politico-religious extremism.

All partners shared their insights and recommendations on how to fight against such types of violent extremism, such as the fact that social media platforms are now the most used medium in order to target new recruits, that radicalised individuals very often search for a sense of purpose and belonging when joining such extremist movements, and that, most importantly, education is key to preventing radicalisation.